Holiday video DEAM!

There it is, our holiday video! Don’t forget to turn your sound on ? and discover how the LaproFlex saves Christmas… 

This video showcases our new training system designed by our intern Nynke! She investigated all the aspects of what it takes to design a training system for steerable laparoscopic instruments. To do so, she used literature as input to incorporate the right amount of playfulness, a sense of reward, the right level of difficulty and originality!

This marble track demands a mix of skills, from grabbing small objects, following preset paths with the tip of the LaproFlex, pulling, pushing and most importantly, a lot of steering and orienting the tip. The track will be used during trainings and first hands-on experience during conferences and other events, so come and find us in 2023 if you want to try it yourself!

December 23, 2022 News
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