LaproFlex Training Gorinchem

Last Thursday, our CMO Jules Scheltes performed a training session with a team of surgeons from the Rivas Beatrix hospital in Gorinchem. General, gynecological and urological surgeons, of which some used our LaproFlex devices for the first time, working on our newly developed exercises with much ease. One mimics the removal of a gallbladder and the other removal of endometriosis from the pelvic floor.

As a result, many happy faces and lively reflections on the procedures for which the LaproFlex could be used. Mentioned were procedures like lower anterior resection, TOETVA, single port surgery, complex gallbladder removals…

Many, many thanks to the team of surgeons, specifically dr. R-J Renger for enabling the training, and we look forward to starting the evaluation of the LaproFlex devices in the Rivas Beatrix hospital.

March 23, 2022 News
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