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Our steering technology offers optimal navigation in the surgical area. We are continuously developing new applications for minimally invasive surgery, in close collaboration with R&D partners in hospitals and universities. In addition, we keep our finger on the pulse of ongoing research lines on the cutting edge of surgery and precision mechanics.


Short research project summary

With a steerable catheter and guidewire, diagnosis and treatment for the patient’s outer airways (e.g. lung cancer) can be facilitated with greater precision and fewer X-rays. By using sensors, the specialist navigates the steerable catheter and guidewire in a patient-specific virtual lung model to the desired location.


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The Neuropunch provides access to the pituitary gland through the nose, minimizing the number of instrument changes and conflicts with the other instruments needed simultaneously in the nasal cavity. This instrument is under development in collaboration with neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons at UMC Groningen.


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DEAM has developed a steerable end-effector with a cable driven pulley mechanism. Shaft and end-effector dimensions fits a 5 mm trocar, which is feasible due to implementation of a new cable technology that do not fray during use. This new cable technology further enables direct transfer of the high forces required for grasping a needle during suturing.

Initial tests proved that the mechanism is ideal for a robotically driven (handheld) system.


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The NeuroFlex is a steerable instrument for intraventricular neuroendoscopy. It aims to translate the relatively large displacements performed by the neurologist interacting with the product, to small movements in the distal end of the instrument.

The controls will be intuitive and compatible with other devices present in the OR. The neurosurgical department of the Prinses Máxima centrum is strongly involved in this development.


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Together with the University of Groningen, DEAM has investigated the possibilities to lower the environmental impact of disposable laparoscopic instruments, retrieving the used instruments after use. The used instruments are to be dismantled, cleaned and partly recycled or reused.

A packaging system was designed, so that also the packaging waste is reduced. However, this project will be continued once hospitals are ready to deal with changes in the waste logistics.

Cardiac Bioptflex

Short research project summary

Representative cardiac biopsies can be performed easier, cheaper and safer with the BioptFlex. This new instrument for intervention cardiologists is being developed, validated and made ready
together with users from the UMC Groningen.


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