Demonstration & Training

Our team is excited to arrange a demonstration with you to show the capabilities of the LaproFlex and let you experience the advantages yourself.

LaproFlex – Online demonstration

In a 15 minutes online meeting via Zoom we will demonstrate the use of the LaproFlex steerable instruments during dissecting, cutting and suturing:

Learning curve

As with all new devices, a learning curve is required to fully experience the advantages of the LaproFlex. To overcome the learning curve of the LaproFlex, we offer a training in a LaproTrainer and support during your first 3 procedures with the LaproFlex. Ideally, the LaproFlex training is given face-to-face by a DEAM expert, but we also offer an online training if this is more convenient for you.

For support during your first 3 procedures we prefer to be present in the OR, but other methods like a video call before, during or after the procedure in the OR can be arranged as well.

Extended use

To experience the extended advantages of the LaproFlex, like maintaining ergonomic posture at the OR table, or seated surgery, a slight change in the procedure may be required, as the trocars must be placed more lateral and closer to your body. Our team can reflect with you on the optimal placement of trocars, so that it best suits your procedure.

LaproFlex – Tips & Tricks

Keep up with our latest LaproFlex tips and tricks. For example how to use the “Grab, Flip and Turn” technique to ensure a relaxed position of your wrist:

All tips and tricks can be found on our YouTube channel >>

Do you have any questions?

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