Why steerability in laparoscopic surgery?

Current problems in laparoscopic surgery

Though helping your patients with reduced recovery time, pain and scarring, as laparoscopic surgeon you force yourself to work with suboptimal exposure of the target area [1] and accept fatigue in the arms, stiff joint, back & neck pains [2] after a day of surgery.

Steerable instruments enable you to:

Continuous adequate exposure of your target area

Work around an organOptimal approach of the target area

The end-effector of the LaproFlex can reach around an organ as it can be steered without changing the shaft angle and without disrupting the workflow.

Work around instrumentsOptimal assistance to your active instrument

The LaproFlex enables you to work around your active instrument as the shaft can be placed out of its pathway, while still presenting the target tissue as needed and safeguarding adequate exposure.

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Examples: Facilitated dissecting and suturingUsers experience an added value when dissecting and suturing

DissectingFree working path when dissecting

During dissection, the tissue can be grabbed optimally while the tip of the LaproFlex is kept away from the working path of the active instrument and the scope view.

SuturingOptimal approach needle to needle holder

During suturing, the needle can be easily grabbed and presented to the needle holder in an optimal position. Also knot tying is facilitated.

Watch the advantages of steerability in laparoscopic surgery

This video of a laparoscopic revision of a colostoma shows the freedom in obtaining adequate exposure of the target area as you can work around organ structures and/or around the active instrument. Please notice that the shaft of the LaproFlex is continously positioned out of the scope view and away from the instrument path, which is possible due to the steerability of the LaproFlex.

LaproFlex enables surgeons to maintain ergonomic posture during surgery

The unique combination of the axial handle of the LaproFlex and steerability enables you to keep your hands low and your arms relaxed along your body. Only small movements of your wrist are required to reach the complete abdominal cavity. This enables you to keep a straight posture and even to be seated while doing your procedure.

Straight postureBend your instrument, not your body

The surgeon does not have to bend to reach the LaproFlex as trocars can be placed closer to the surgeon and still have the same approach to the target area, due to steerability of the tip.

Seated surgeryExperience one of the main benefits of robotic surgery

The surgeon can execute the procedure while seated as trocars can be placed closer to the surgeon, due to steerability of the tip.

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